Estée Lauder in Venice: a social media "Travel Experience", combining luxury and tradition

Corporate Event

Estée Lauder chose Nexa and Venice for the first leg of the brand's "Travel Experience": 3 days of celebrations, 14 influencers, millions of followers, a series of events combining luxury and tradition aimed to showcaseAdvanced Night Repair, the flagship product of the international cosmetics giant. 

The experience began with a boat ride from the airport to the hotel on board our limousine taxis which, together with the Lagoon, were the backdrop of the first photo shoot. 

A quintessentially Venetian itinerary focussing on the icons of international luxury and places of local culture, provided the perfect setting for the photos of our influencers; Aman Venice, with its luxurious surroundings full of noble charm, was chosen for the early evening, while Harry's Bar welcomed them for the final dinner enveloping them in its unmistakable style and the allure that have made it famous the world over. 

Between a glamorous appointment and the next, a plunge into real Venetianness provided picture perfect photographic contents : the visit to a traditional mask workshop, with its kaleidoscope of shapes and colours, a walk to the discovery of the most photographed corners of the city, a gondola tour at sunset along the characteristic canals of Venice. 

Finally, what better way to celebrate 'Advanced Night Repairthana pyjama party at the Gritti Palace in Venice dedicated tobeauty, wellness, and relaxation? On the top floor terrace of the hotelwe created the event: soft lights and candles in the lounges, white peonies on the small tables placed in front of the breathtaking spectacle of the Grand Canal, and a gazebo with the large golden logo forthe official photos. Allaround the influencers in their blue silk pyjamas enjoying the atmosphere of the evening and a special face treatment while sipping champagne in the moonlight, under the May sky ... a moment to savour and remember. 

The next day, everyone was ready for another wonderful private jet adventure to Athens, the second stage of the "Travel Experience" under the hashtag #travelbeautifully.

The message we have received from Estée Lauder has made us very happy:"We just wanted to extenda very big thank youto you all for the hard work, dedication and fantastic organization for our trip in Venice. Our guests have enjoyed their special stay in Venice.”

Client: Estée Lauder
Photo Credit: thanks to Estée Lauder

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