CRIF once again in Venice for its TOP EVENT 2017 in the name of excellence

Corporate Event

After the 2010 experience, CRIF once again commissioned us to organize their "TOP EVENT 2017" in the name of excellence. Of course, we accepted the challenge.
CRIF is a company specialized in credit information systems and outsourcing services. Established in Bologna in 1988, it now operates over four continents. Part of CRIF's mission is to serve their clients with knowledge. 
With the same passion and commitment, we worked alongside CRIF in the creation of a special event that could fully express the key values ​​of the company.
We tried to translate CRIF’s philosophy of into every activity: the value of relationships, a broader vision, a boost to growth, the meaning of sharing, the search for beauty.

The program began with a welcome cocktail on the panoramic rooftop terrace of the Hilton Mulino Stucky hotel offering a mesmerizing view of Venice and the Lagoon, a unique setting, where our guests had the opportunity to mix and mingle. Molino Stucky was the hotel we had selected and with which we liaised to coordinate bookings, as well as the place where our staff welcomed guests and managed the logistics and transfers.
The hotel was the starting point for the most important events: the gala evening and the "culture & leisure" itineraries that we organized in the city.
The highlight of the event was the opera performance at Gran Teatro La Fenice with "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" followed by the gala dinner. The evening was a winning mix of beauty, culture, entertainment and interaction. For dinner we opted for a brief formal sit-down dinner in the Sale Appollinee accompanied by piano interludes and, later, a dessert buffet in the theatre's foyer.
To complete the experience, the following day we reserved a choice of walking tours for guests to discover the best off-the-beaten-path places and hidden gems of the city.
The event was a double success because we managed to create lasting memories for the participants in every single moment of this celebration while also adding something to our experience as event organizers.

Cliente: CRIF

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