Apax Partners Global Meeting

September 22nd/25th, 2015 - Venice

Corporate Event

Apax Partners this year has chosen the Venetian island of San Clemente as the venue where to bring together its major investors to for its annual global meeting.
The team was greeted on arrival at the airport by a beautiful sunny day, much sought after by the British spirit, and the smile of our impeccable assistants.
The round tables were interspersed with activities and tours that highlighted the focus of the group, not only on issues concerning the main topics on the agenda, but also the art and culture of a city that for hundreds of years has been a favorite travel destination independently of nationality or profession.
The gala dinner at Palazzo Polignac provided a fitting close to the day. 
The sober but classy decor and tablescapes, with references to the coming autumn, and medieval music welcomed the guests despite the rain. 
After dinner, a toast on the main floor of the Hotel Aman wrapped up the evening in the glamor of this 16th century palace, almost a museum to the outstanding frescoes by Tiepolo that grace the historic building.
The accuracy in the transfers and especially Nexa's proven ability to efficiently deal with any unexpected hitch or contingency, was highly appreciated by the Apax Staff Team who praised them warmly - "Girls, you have been brilliant".

Client: Apax

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