An exciting corporate event attended by business managers from all over the world

Corporate Event

The month of April delivered some powerful emotions! At the culmination of 8 months of preparation, our guests finally arrived. The programme began in the afternoon with a guided tour of the most iconic sights in the city of Venice, including palaces and precious frescoes. An experience crowned by a Venetian aperitif in the beautiful setting of Campo S. Stefano and an exclusive dinner by the historic La Fenice Theatre. To end the day, a last glimpse of the Venice skyline from above, enjoying one last drink in good company, as the city fell asleep. 

The new day presented us with a new challenge. Divided into three teams, our guests were slated to compete in the scenic Dragon Boat race, on paddled boats with an ancient tradition that has its roots in the Far East. The paddlers, whose action is punctuated by thundering drum beats, raced across the lagoon, against the backdrop of the immortal St Mark's Square, which could be seen in the distance. The race offered great excitement! The winning team stood on the podium, proud of their teamwork, to be awarded a specially designed gold medal. 

The setting sun over pink clouds ushered us to Palazzo Zen where our guests enjoyed an unforgettable experience: a gala dinner in full Venetian attire. Magnificent noblemen and ladies of bygone days took their seats at a long banquet table beneath magnificent frescoed ceilings, with a tablescape of bouquets of pink peonies and ornate candelabra. An exceptional catering service of impeccable skill and care rounded off the dreamlike experience of these intense days together, the memory of which will certainly remain etched in the heart of all participants for a very long time.

Photo © Garage Raw

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