A perfect partnership. When the client is another agency.

Corporate Event

The event is top secret, the agency we collaborated with is "Exhibita" in Milan, the case history is an example of perfect collaboration.

Venice is beautiful, a city unique in the world, incomparable in every aspect, and you have to know through and through if you are to provide the best organization. We have been living and working in Venice for years, and yet we continue to explore the town and always find something new that complements our knowledge. We believe that sharing an event with a "local organizer" like us can be a guarantee of success.

With Exhibita and their clients, we focused on logistics: transferring guests from the airport to the hotels - The Gritti Palace and Danieli - coordinating their movements in the city between appointments and gala evenings. We relied on our team of specialized hostesses and select water taxi suppliers for logistics, while the hotel staff coordinated the requests of the guests and organizers, efficiently managing the relations between the various designated contact persons.

The collaboration with Exhibita has been a successful event for us, based on harmony and respect for each other’s skills and competences, and we are happy with the feedback received: "It was a real pleasure to work with you, and thank you for your help and professionalism!!!"

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