A corporate event combining business, luxury and high-end craftsmanship

Corporate Event

Three events in one for a special project, fully designed by Nexa Event&Travel Designers.

The corporate meeting attended by top managers, researchers and academics took place at Palazzo Franchetti, on the Grand Canal on the first day. The style of the company, the uniqueness of the historic venue and the technical requirements of the event dictated the set-up of the salon: round tables with black covers, grey canvas armchairs on gold, black and grey polychrome marble floors, high-tech equipment to ensure maximum efficiency.

Palazzo Pisani Moretta, the quintessential Venetian palazzo 'par excellence' in Venice, hosted the 70 very select guests for the gala dinner. Amidst soft lighting, fairytale atmospheres, and flower decorations custom created for the evening, our guests enjoyed the wonderful and timeless ambience of a historic Venetian residence.

As one of the highlights of the event, we organised a series of visits to the companies that produce handcrafted goods for the great fashion houses. It was a plunge into the heart of Italian high-end craftsmanship and a unique experience in the world of creative excellence.

Once again, passion, determination and enthusiasm were the ingredients we brought to the table to ensure the flawless organisation of a fruitful, interesting, and successful event.

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