Case Studies

Venice Biennale 2009 - Philadelphia Museum of Art: Donors’ program and Bruce Nauman Gala Evening Cultural Event & Gala Dinner

The 53rd edition of the Visual Arts Biennale saw among its protagonists the Philadelphia Museum of Art, sponsor of the USA Pavilion awarded in 2009 with the Golden Lion. The visit of the museum’s donors and world renowned artist Bruce Nauman laid the foundation for a partnership that was renewed in subsequent editions.
Decennale Fondirigenti - La cultura della responsabilità: patrimonio per il futuro – (The culture of Responsibility: a heritage for the future) Conference

Promoted by Confindustria and Federmanager, Fondirigenti has been active for ten years in our country in the field of management culture innovation and on 3 April 2009 it chose Venice to celebrate its tenth anniversary.
Launching the Nord Stream Project Corporate Event

Since 2006, Saipem has celebrated every successful project or contract by hosting an event in the city for its protagonists. One that stands out among the most important occasions was in June 2008, when Saipem and Nord Stream AG signed an agreement for the laying of the Nord Stream gas pipeline that would link Russia and Germany across the Baltic Sea. In September of the same year, the top representatives of the signatory parties met in Venice to celebrate the event in style.
Scanning the Trail into the Future: the Indo Italian Venice Seminar for Representatives of the Media Conference

For 3 consecutive years (2005-2006-2007), Venice hosted "Scanning the Trail into the future", the closed session specialist organized by the Italian Embassy in New Delhi and Fondazione di Venezia. The purpose of these meetings, which were attended by the highest representatives of the Indian and Italian media, as well as top rank politicians and corporate executives, was to overcome mutual prejudices and stereotypes and analyse the political, economic and cultural relations between the two countries.
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