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Screenings in Venice e Cartoons on the Bay: Two successful events for Rai and for Nexa Corporate Event

In early April, Rai chose Venice as the location for two prestigious international events: Screenings in Venice, the presentation to buyers from all over the world of the new Rai content, ranging from fiction to feature films, football and classical music, and Cartoons on the Bay, the festival of television and cross-media animation, now in its 17th edition.
13th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation Conference

The objective of the Conference is to bring together academics, practitioners and PhD students working in the area of risk management. The conference this year focuses on The New Financial Regulatory System: Challenges and Consequences for the Financial Sector and will provide an opportunity for participants engaged in research at the forefront of this area to discuss both the causes and implications of recent events in financial markets and may, in turn, suggest fruitful directions for future research.
The Software Industrial Revolution Begins Now! Corporate Event

Disseminating the knowledge of the new world of HMI, this is the goal of "The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now!", the Wonderware Italia roadshow covering three Italian cities - Padua, Bologna and Milan - this past October.
InTouch 2014: continuing the Wonderware industrial software revolution! Corporate Event

After the October sneak preview, "The Industrial Revolution begins now" is the new series of events during which Wonderware officially unveiled its 2 new products: 2 different events for 2 different launches, and 2 different locations starring Intouch2014, the world's most popular HMI software, and SystemPlatform2014 which allows the development of applications in less time taking into account the real needs of the plant personnel.
Renaissance: an exciting dialogue between Carpaccio and Viola by Louis Vuitton Opening

After Where should Othello go in which Pompeo Molmenti's Othello met Tony Oursler's, now Espace Louis Vuitton has taken the ongoing collaboration with Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia one step further by putting two great artists side by side: the master of Venetian painting Vittore Carpaccio and renowned contemporary video artist Bill Viola.
"Renaissance", created by art historian Adrien Goetz and the exhibition curator Hervé Mikaeloff, confirms the commitment of the French luxury brand to offering the city a cultural space where contemporary art meets Venice's artistic heritage.
19th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation Conference

The CREDIT conference is an important annual event for economists from around the world working in the area of financial risk management.
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