Case Studies

Miro Annual Meeting: Launching the 2015 challenge! Corporate Event

The event, sponsored by Miro and dedicated to the presentation of the 2014 activity report to its members and the outline of the goals and strategies for 2015, saw the participation of experts and industry gurus and the award ceremony for the Miro Best Performer of the Year, which this year went to Sagam spa.
A great party for Bianca! Private Event

What's more touching than giving your ninety year old mother a glitzy, glamorous party in one of the most prestigious palaces in Venice with her nearest and dearest and all her friends from all over the world?
Charles 50: Congratulations on sailing into fifties! Private Event

3 days of celebrations, 180 guests, 3 amazing locations, 2 music stars to sing happy birthday .... and a 160 million euro present! These are the figures of the event that the wife of a British mobile phone millionaire organized in Venice to celebrate her husband's 50th birthday.
Vhernier brings its new collection to Venice Corporate Event

Vhernier celebrated its first 30 years in 2014, a milestone that the Valenza jewellery house decided to celebrate with a capsule collection, the Trentennale Freccia Collection.
10 in Venice: happy birthday to Duvetica! Corporate Event

Duvetica was born near Venice in 2004. The lagoon city has been the setting for the photo shoots of all the company's campaigns, year after year.So where else could they choose to celebrate their first 10-year anniversary,if not in Venice?
The festival does not live by films alone. Book presentation with an exceptional cast the 71th Venice Film Festival Cultural Event

The Venice Film Festival brings along a whole host of social functions,parties, and collateral events that make the lagoon city "the must be place" where to see and be seen for film fans and glitterati.
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