Case Studies

New look for Prada in Venice: great event, great organization! Opening

The famous Italian fashion house opened its renovated store, a historic presence in the heart of the city, with an exclusive party.
Glamour, elegant clothes and bags, music and good food were the highlights of the most scintillating event of the season.
CIMPRESS with NEXA in Venice between tradition and innovation Cultural Event

The giant of "mass customization" strategies, CIMPRESS is the world leader in digital printing. The concept behind CIMPRESS and the top brands that are part of it, is mass customization of the product, combined with the efficiency of large retailers to meet the individual needs of its customers.
"Being The Protagonist" - Nexa for Condé Nast and Jacob Cohën Corporate Event

"Being The Protagonist" is a collection of photo portraits by famous international photographers signed by Condé Nast in collaboration with Jacob COHE as a tribute to magic of cinema.Not just actors but real style icons - Tim Burton, Robert De Niro, Willem Defoe, Colin Firth, Morgan Freeman, Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke, Tilda Swinton - immortalized on the best covers of Uomo Vogue to celebrate the last eight years of the big screen. 
NEXA + EXPO... When food meets art, music and cinema Cultural Event

The cycle of conferences organized within the project VENICE TO EXPO 2015. In Venice, with Venice and for Venice, we talked about music, food, films and literature in the unique setting of the Arsenal of Venice, a location that is one of a kind!
NEXA with the great luxury brands in the name of art, music and culture Corporate Event

Nexa is happy to announce that we are once again working alongside Smith Petersen for the big fashion brands that support art and culture in Venice.
Venice, city of pleasures: art meets the corporate world. Corporate Event

Once more this year we could not miss the traditional custom-designed cultural program for the guests of Banca Mediolanum. This time, an expert historian guided them through the captivating world of eighteenth century Venice: a fascinating plunge into the past.
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