Case Studies

16th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation Conferences

The CREDIT conference is an important annual event for economists from around the world working in the area of financial risk management.
With FIS for its 60th anniversary, with an event dedicated to great art Corporate Event

We celebrated FIS's 60th anniversary among Damien Hirst's works at Punta della Dogana, an icon of contemporary art in Venice, with an event characterized by elegance and refinement.
Bulgari - Brand Event 2017 Corporate Event

Bulgari chose Venice to unveil its newest high jewellery collection. To celebrate the 100 new creations of one of the brands of Italian excellence, late last June a star-studded lineup of celebrities and brand ambassadors landed in the lagoon city for one of the most glamorous parties hosted in 2017.
Gala dinner with The American Friends of the Louvre, Venetian Heritage and Maserati to celebrate the beauty of art in Venice Gala Event

On Friday, June 23, at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice we organized a charity gala dinner to raise funds for the preservation of the Venetian artistic heritage.
New Appointment with Venice Marco Polo Airport for the inauguration of the new expansion of the Passenger Terminal Opening

SAVE once again chose Nexa for another major event: the first expansion of the passenger Terminal of the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, which is part of the general expansion plan for the airport aimed at offering passengers a more pleasurable travel experience.
CRIF once again in Venice for its TOP EVENT 2017 in the name of excellence Corporate Event

After the 2010 experience, CRIF once again commissioned us to organize their "TOP EVENT 2017" in the name of excellence. Of course, we accepted the challenge.
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